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Integrated Movement Therapy

Allison was able to broaden her scope by going through a specialized yoga based training method with children, Integrated Movement Therapy, at the Samarya Center in Seattle. Core principles target structure and continuity, language stimulation, physical stimulation, social interaction, self calming and direct self esteem building through a holistic, brain based method. To continue her education in this realm, she also obtained a yoga certification with children at, Its Yoga Kids, in San Francisco. Allison provided yoga as a fun activity for children of all ages and abilities. Children are exposed to integrated yoga with reading, writing, storytelling, music, games and poetry. While having fun, children consciously discipline themselves in areas of balance and concentration. Over time, these techniques are consciously applied to everyday life.

Integrated Movement Therapy is a holistic therapy approach used with children in therapy. IMT uses yoga’s philosophical, physical and spiritual framework in conjunction with conventional neurophysiological perspectives to address the challenges of being human.

The IMT approach is based on three overarching philosophies: that the student is already perfect and whole, that the student and teacher are both unlimited in their abilities to heal, and that no part of the body/mind/spirit complex, and no part of the brain, works alone.

Integrated Movement Therapy™ is an approach that combines speech-language pathology, behavioral and mental health counseling, and Yoga. It is taught by master-degreed therapists who are also certified Yoga instructors. This approach has been successfully implemented with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities, Pervasive Developmental Delay, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Dyspraxia, and other specific motor-based disorders. Integrated Movement Therapy has six core principles: structure and continuity, social interaction, language stimulation, self-calming, physical stimulation, and direct self-esteem building.

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